Kent Police Museum

The Police Museum was started as a collection of Police memorabilia in the 1960's by officers who felt there was a need to show our history. In 1973, the Police Museum was opened in the attic at Police HQ in Maidstone, by retired inspector John Fail.
Over the years the Police Museum moved around to different offices, ending up in the attic of the C.I.D. block. Visitors to the Police Museum had to book and appointment, and were shown around by a member of the Operations Department. In 1992, in response to the need for more office space, the Police Museum had to be dismantled, and was stored in boxes. The Historic Dockyard heard about this, and offered us the use of Boiler House No. 3 for seven years.
After restoration and repairs, the Police Museum, moved into the building, and was opened by the Lord Lieutenant of Kent on the 25th July 1994.

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